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NU7706 - Palliative Care: Concepts, Philosophy and Debates (10 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

MLO- 01. Appreciate the inter relatedness of research, ethics and law, pain and symptom management and psychosocial issues in palliative care and their relevance to palliative care practice frameworks and development.

MLO- 02. Critique palliative care service developments with regard to local, national and international developments.

MLO- 03. Critically analyse the inhibiting and facilitating factors that influence palliative care practice, education and research development.

MLO- 04. Critique current approaches to palliative care/caring service delivery across the lifespan of individuals with a life limiting condition, with reference to short and long-term strategic initiatives for the development of interdisciplinary palliative care practice.

MLO- 05. Critically appraise the approaches and impact of ethical challenges on clinical practice, decision making and advance care planning with reference to palliative and end of life care across the lifespan.

MLO- 06. Critique current practice with regard to inclusiveness of services to vulnerable and marginalised groups across the lifespan.

MLO-07 Critique current individual discipline practice and delivery in the attainment of education, research and evidence-based excellence at both interdisciplinary team and interagency level.

MLO-08 Critique current organisational and interagency practice and delivery in the attainment of education, research and evidence-based excellence at both interdisciplinary team and interagency level

Module Learning Aims & Rationale

This module recognises and acknowledges the ultimate aim of continuing education with particular reference to clinical and practice development in palliative care. Theory is integral to practice development and practice is integral to the development of theory. This module will enable students to identify the relationship between personal, professional, inter disciplinary and practice development and continuing education in palliative care. Evidence based practice is informed by the best available evidence of what is effective, the practice expertise of professionals and the experience and preference of service users. The increasing emphasis on evidence based practice raises important questions regarding the knowledge required by practitioners in palliative care. Exploration of this knowledge underpinning palliative care practice, from an interdisciplinary perspective, requires a research approach that can account for the individuality of patients and their families and the context of care. This module will facilitate students to develop their research mindedness in the context of clinical practice development, education and research within palliative care.