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NU7709 - Clinical Practicum in Palliative care (10 ECTS)

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of this module the student should be able to:

  • MLO-1. Identify and achieve learning objectives appropriate to palliative care competencies.
  • MLO-2. Bridge the theory practice gap by developing competence in applying the principles of palliative care to the assessment, diagnosis, planning, management, and evaluation of care.
  • MLO-3. Observe and critique interdisciplinary team functioning, roles, and dynamics.
  • MLO-4. Evaluate evidence-based guidelines, policies and tools that inform practice, and disseminate learning to colleagues and peers.
  • MLO-5. Develop critical and reflective skills in adapting to the rapidly changing needs in palliative care.
  • MLO-6. Critically appraise approaches to and levels of palliative care.
  • MLO-7. Exhibit creativity and effective communication skills in the co-ordination of palliative care / palliative care approach.
  • MLO-8. Demonstrate sensitivity to the cultural and personal wishes of individuals with life limiting conditions and their families.
  • MLO-9. Involve individuals with palliative care needs (and where appropriate, significant others) in the planning, delivery and evaluation of care / services.
  • MLO-10. Strengthen and develop expertise in palliative care practice through the use of enhanced knowledge, reflective skills and research based evidence.
  • MLO-11. Practice safely, ethically and legally within the boundaries of the disciplinary roles and scope of practice.
  • MLO-12. Apply evidence based approaches to pain and symptom management and psychosocial care to individuals with life limiting conditions and their families.

Module Learning Aims & Rationale

Clinical practice is integral to the theoretical component of the course / course. This clinical practicum module will complement the theoretical component of the course by allowing the student to apply palliative care concepts and principles within a practice setting.